The following thematic sessions have been approved:

Revitalizing the "long tail of science" - increasing data visibility, access and fitness for use

Natural history discoveries - lessons from the past?

The ecological dimension of genetic diversity

Genetic and phenotypic variation and local adaptation in plants

The relevance of intra- versus interspecific variation of plant functional traits

Physiological plant ecology: current and upcoming topics

Plants and water - mechanisms, fluxes and experiments from the leaf to the ecosystem

Forests - structures, dynamics, diversity

Multitrophic interactions in terrestrial ecosystems: Advances in the understanding of complex interaction webs and consequences for pest control

Functions and mechanisms of the interplays between multitrophic interactions and tree growth

Biological invasions: novel interactions, communities, and modified ecosystem processes

Land use, climate change and the biotic homogenization of animal communities

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in urban landscapes

Linking stress ecology and resilience research: you'll never walk alone

Spatial ecology and evolution

Spatial patterns and ecological processes

Frontiers of Macroecology

Biodiversity and society - A plea for social-ecological biodiversity research

Citizen Science in Ecology - An applied tool for biodiversity monitoring in Europe?

Effects of agricultural land use on ecosystem services in cultural landscapes

Envisioning sustainable multifunctional productive landscapes - the integration of ecological perspectives

Planning for sustainable and healthy cities: mainstreaming urban ecological measures beyond demonstration projects

Prospects on integrating societal dimensions into ecological research setups, methods and theory

Biodiversity on the move: integrating movement ecology and biodiversity research

Applied ecology and evolution: nature conservation and restoration

Conservation Science for applied Nature Conservation

Habitat fragmentation: Demographic, genetic and environmental effects

Patterns and processes in wilderness development

Remote sensing in ecology - Fostering the spatial perspective

IPBES – ecological knowledge exchange at the science-policy interface

Free Session