Social Events

Ice Breaker
Monday 05 September, 18:30 – approx. 20:30
Venue: Foyer (1st & 2nd floor)

Meet your friends and colleagues and everybody you haven't seen since the last GfÖ!

We are still experimenting with the menu, but we are getting there...

GfÖ Club Night/BBQ and vegetarian food
Wednesday 07 September, 18:30 – approx. 23:00
Location: Rotkehlchen (Waggonhalle)

Address: Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 2a, 35039 Marburg
Fee: 25 EUR

Beautiful location in an old railway building with a beer garden. Enjoy the organic food from the buffet, and have a beer/wine/juice/a beverage of your choice with your old and new colleagues!

Visualization Award
Dear participants,

there will be a visualization award at this year’s conference. We provide a data set including a number of bars, restaurants and other fundamental amenities in Marburg so you can familiarize yourselves with the place before coming here. All places include geographic coordinates along with other attributes (such as address and elevation). Now, we would like to invite you to be creative and put together a nice visualization of these data in any form imaginable. Given that we included coordinates, a map is an obvious choice, yet we are sure there are other smart ways to present the data in a meaningful way. There are no restrictions - plots can be static or interactive/animated, color or greyscale, small or big, basic or advanced... All submissions will be on exhibition during the conference and will be judged by the participants. We would like to raise the point that it will be advantageous for everyone if your visualization is reproducible so rather than using layout software, we would appreciate submissions based on code (e.g. R, Python, C++ or the like) as we all want to learn something in the process.

Here are some more details:
  • Each participant can have one submission. However, it is possible to form teams and submit an entry with more than one author.
  • You can add more data as long as you have the legal right to use it, but the provided data set has to be a dominant part of your submission. Please note that all submissions have to be licensed under CC BY or more! Details on the license applying have to be included in the description. Any legal issues will automatically disqualify submissions from competition.
  • Form of visualization
    As mentioned above, this is basically up to you. Just be reasonable and don't expect us to print out a A0 poster!
  • Deadline for submissions is Friday, 02.09.2016, 24:00.
  • The winner of the Visualization Award will be the author of the submission receiving most of the votes of the conference participants. All conference participants will receive ballot cards with their personal conference documents. The winner will be announced during the GfÖ Award Session on Thursday, 08.09., 14:00-15:00.
  • The best submission will be awarded with a copy of a non-fiction biology-themed book.
  • All submissions will be published on the GfÖ-facebook account, provided proper attribution and no issues regarding licensing. After the conference, all submissions will be uploaded to a GitHub repository for long term storage and availability.
  • For inspiration, you could have a look here, here, or here. (Some more examples here, and here)
  • Source of data
    The data set is based on “Ausgehen und Einkaufen in Marburg”, edited by Stadtmarketing Marburg e.V. and published by Marbuch Verlag GmbH, 15th Ed., 2016. The use of this data set is in agreement with the publisher. We used a subset of those addresses, added more locations and categories, georeferenced the addresses and added elevation.

Please use the following formats for your submission:
  • The figure:
    gfoe2016_visualisation_award_submitted_by_name_surname_registrationID_figure.tiff (or else)
  • The description (aka figure caption, incl. details on the license):
    gfoe2016_visualisation_award_submitted_by_name_surname_registrationID_figure_caption.txt (or .pdf/ .doc)
  • The script (optional):

Please send your submission to .

Now we wish you all happy coding, a kiss from the muse and good luck for your submission!

The GfÖ orga team

Download data set for Visualization Award

Scientific speed-dating
Monday 05 September, 18:30 – approx. 19:30
Venue: Foyer (ground floor)

Early-career scientists meet established senior scientists in a speed-networking game.

How do you get your projects funded, and what, exactly, is the deeper meaning of your latest elephant poem?

Meeting colleagues and potential new collaborators is one of the most exciting tasks at scientific conferences. Early-career scientists often miss the possibility to talk to seniors and the seniors may miss the possibility to talk to a future applicant with new ideas. The organizational committee of the GfÖ conference 2016 and the GfÖ press office aim at facilitating the exchange between senior and early-career scientists.

We invited senior scientists to participate in a scientific speed-dating event parallel to the ice breaker at the first day of the GfÖ conference. During the speed-dating senior and early-career scientists will be matched to share ideas, build connections or just talk about a favorite hobby. However, every two minutes, the pairs change. In the end, every participant will have started conversations with many researchers, and there is plenty of time to continue those conversations over the course of the conference.

This is the first time to include such an event in the GfÖ-conference schedule, so we invited all senior scientists personally, attempting to cover several career stages from postdocs to leading researchers in their field. It is a special honor that all keynote speakers agreed to participate in this little experiment! We introduce all participating senior scientists on the new GfÖ-facebook account.

You have the opportunity to register as a junior for this event following the link provided with the info mail. In case there are more registrations than positions available it will be ‘first come, first serve’ with a waiting list for alternates. Please note that we will favor students and PhD-students.

We are looking forward to an hour of fruitful, albeit short, encounters of students and established scientists!