Conference Venue and travel information

The conference takes place at the
Philipps-Universität Marburg,
Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude (HSG, incl. Audimax),
Biegenstraße 10,
35032 Marburg,

The venue is located in the city center. From the main train station you can either walk (10 to 15 minutes, red arrows) or take the bus (6 minutes, green arrows).

How to get to Marburg and the Conference Venue

The Audimax is located in the city center. From the main train station you can either walk (10 to 15 minutes) or take the bus (6 minutes).

By bus

The busses to the city center start on the left side of the platform in front of the station building. You can take bus numbers 1 (direction “Richtsberg”, not “Wehrda”!), 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Get off at “Erwin-Piscator-Haus”. The Audimax “Hörsaalgebäude” is opposite the “Stadthalle”. To obtain a bus map please print out the PDF Bus map. Here you can check the time table for public transport.

By plane

Frankfurt Airport
Approx. 100 km from Marburg. The train ride from Frankfurt Airport to Marburg takes approximately 1.5 hours. By car you should allow about the same time.
There are some ICE-trains which allow a direct connection from the airport to Marburg main station, but only a few. More often, you will have to take the S-Bahn to Frankfurt main station (“Frankfurt/M.-Hauptbahnhof”). You can choose Marburg as your final destination when you buy the ticket for the S-Bahn. In Frankfurt main station, regional trains and InterCity-trains leave for Marburg every hour (careful: ICE trains are more expensive, and they do not stop in Marburg on their way to Kassel!).

By train

To check your train connections to Marburg, visit

By car

A7 from Hamburg/Hannover/Kassel/Erfurt:
From the A7, change on to the A5 in the direction of Giessen. Then take the A480 towards Giessen/Marburg. From here you can access the B3 to Marburg.

A4 from Cologne/Düsseldorf:
At the intersection “Olpe Süd”, change on to the A 45 and come off at Exit “Kreuz Wetzlar Ost”. Then take the B49 in the direction of Giessen. At the “Giessener Ring”, take the B3 to Marburg.

A5 from Frankfurt:
At “Gambacher Kreuz”, switch to the A45 towards Giessen/Marburg. At the “Südkreuz Giessen”, change on to the A485 in the direction of Marburg until you reach the B3 to access Marburg.


We strongly recommend leaving your car at your hotel and using public transport to reach the Audimax. Some hotels are even in walking distance – Marburg is a small town. The parking at the Audimax is very limited, and the conference does not provide reserved parking for conference participants. Parking in the central city is possible, but expensive (e.g. the parking deck “Pilgrimstein”). You can find a detailed map with parking here (in German). Additionally, there are three options for free parking close to the autobahn, with a bus connection to the city centre at least every 30 min during the day (Park & Ride).